Sneak peek at a Christmas craft

I made my first turkey on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. And as soon as the kitchen was cleaned up, I was ready for Christmas.

Our old apartment was so small that we never really decorated for the holidays. Sure, we hung a wreath on the door. And last year, I got ambitious and found a small space for a mini tree.

But now there’s a whole outside of the house to decorate. And a three-story bannister. And two mantels. And space for a real tree. And it feels a lot like our first real Christmas, even though it’s really hour third or fourth.

I didn’t tamper with the top half of this image. The bottom used to say “Christmas,” instead of “Bright.” The T used to be the trunk, and the G was an S. I’m OK with it not totally matching, because I’ll be hand painting the whole thing anyway, assuming all goes according to plan.

So I’m excited to get crafty. I haven’t done much since I made my famous chevron-striped painted curtains. My creative itch really needs to be scratched.

I spent some time tonight working on this template, or sketch, or whatever you want to call it. I used this image from Pinterest and worked a little bit of rough photoshop magic to create the phrase I want to paint onto a canvas. And then I hope a couple of other snazzy elements will work out so I have a pretty anchor for one of my mantels.

The rest is a secret for now. If all goes well, I’ll post a how-to within the next week or so. If not, I’ll have a large perforated canvas up for grabs.


One thought on “Sneak peek at a Christmas craft

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